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Articles and extended interviews with friends and partners of Home, Life & Style



Anita Colby: The CabinetWorks

“I’m not your average designer,” says Colby, who founded The CabinetWorks in Stratham, New Hampshire in 1990. “I measure for five minutes and talk for fifty-five. I ask people questions about their lifestyle and find out who they are and what they want. People want to be heard and they need someone like me to find out exactly what they need and want.”



Imagine launching your boat effortlessly straight from your waterfront property into the water in comfort, safety and style. Sealegs amphibious craft will allow you to make the most of the vast oceans at your doorstep. Check out Host Parker Kelley’s full interview with representatives of the company and the story behind this incredible hardware!


GMC Denali Saratoga

“The GMC Sierra Denali turned into my mobile office. Sitting in my leather bucket seat, I fined-tuned my individual temperature control, plugged my laptop into the AC outlet and kept my phone charging in one of the many USB ports. The truck has tremendous power.”



Highland Lodge

Highland Lodge is a historic B&B built on the edge of beautiful Caspian Lake. Located in a culture-rich, unspoiled area of Vermont, it features an 1860's farmhouse and 136 acres to explore. Host Parker Kelley and the crew stayed there while filming an episode of Home, Life & Style and Parker a chance to visit with Heidi, the owner.



Interior Designer Kathleen Hay

On the Nantucket episode of Home, Life & Style, Host Parker Kelley meets interior designer extraordinaire Kathleen Hay, who gives a beautiful and detailed tour and discusses her vision and the design elements that make up the home.



Sr. Project Manager Kristian Andrade

Host Parker Kelley gets an in-depth look into the conception and construction of the beautiful shingle-style home on Cape Cod, featured in the Falmouth episode of Home, Life & Style Season 1.